Perfect Opener 8-in-1 Home Kitchen Tool Set

$17.95 $27.99


The Perfect Opener is a must have for every kitchen and the last opener you'll ever need. Dubbed as the "Swiss Army knife for the kitchen", Bottles, cans, and jars of all shapes and sizes can be opened with ease, thanks to Perfect Opener. The all-new, kitchen wonder tool!. It easily replaces a drawer full of old fashioned tools, reducing the clutter. The best part is that there are no moving parts in the tool, making it safe and durable! 

Stop sifting through drawers every time you need an opener, and instead reach for the Perfect Opener. The one great looking tool that you can proudly display on your counter top for easy access. 

Safe to Use and No Sharp Edges
Comfortable in your hands
Easy to handle with superior, attractive and ergonomic design
Compact, for easy storage
Works with bottles, cans, and jars or all shapes and sizes
Effortless and easy to use.